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Plant Succulents in Recycled Glass Jars

Glass yogurt jars are perfect to use as succulent pots, and they make great DIY gifts!

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succulents in recycled glass jars oui yogurt

Glass Yogurt Jars Make Great Succulent Pots

For those still learning how to achieve green thumb status, succulents are a perfect low-maintenance plant. Just make sure to place them in a sunny spot and water them every other week. There are also many creative ways to display these plants and we especially love the shape of the glass Oui yogurt jars (the yogurt inside is yummy, too!). These jars are recyclable, of course, and make great little containers for all sorts of things like paper clips, nails and screws. However, we decided to fill these cute jars with succulents. Check out the bees wax candles we made in these jars too!

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supplies for succulents in glass jars

Everything You’ll Need

Here's what you’ll need to make six glass succulent pots:

  • 6 clean Oui yogurt jars
  • 6 Succulents
  • Potting soil
  • Small gardening trowel
  • Stainless steel Brush Scrubber
  • Sandpaper
  • Dish soap or Orange Goop hand cleanser
  • Bucket
  • Paper towels, newspaper


  • Twine for outside of jar
  • Scissors
  • Pebbles
  • Moss
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clean glass oui yogurt jars

Clean the Yogurt Jars

First, soak the labels in hot soapy water. Use a bucket so the labels don’t go down the sink drain and cause a clog. After the labels are off, scrub the residual adhesive off the sides and rims of the yogurt jars. We found that Orange Goop hand cleanser worked best when used with a stainless steel scrubber. The stainless steal is tough on the adhesive and doesn't scratch the glass the way sandpaper did. However, the adhesive around the rim of the jar is especially tough to get off, so we used sandpaper figuring that the succulent would cover the minimal scratches on the glass. Rinse the jars well and dry completely.

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re pot succulents into glass jars

Cover Base of Jar with Potting Soil

Once clean and dried, cover the base of the glass jars with potting soil. After doing so, remove the succulents from their plastic containers and move them to their new home in the glass jar. Next, fill the rest of the jar with potting soil and around the sides of the succulent so it doesn’t wiggle around. Tap the jar on the counter or use a toothpick to spread out the soil and water, when done.

It is also important to note that succulents don't flourish when they sit in wet soil, so don't over water your plant. Only water the succulent when the soil is dry and never water when wet or moist. And if you are worried about over watering your plant, place pebbles or gravel at the base of the glass jar to allow for drainage.

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succulents in glass jars add pebbles or moss

Add Pebbles or Moss

To create more of a polished look for your recycled glass jar succulent project, add some pebbles or moss to cover the tops of each jar around the plants. Be creative! Plus, check out these 12 tips for making a DIY terrarium to gain some inspiration for this succulent project.

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glass succulent jar finished project

For Gifts, Tie a Bow of Twine

Use any kind of twine to tie around the top rim of the glass. These little bows add a completed touch to your glass succulent jar. Give the succulents as gifts or as wedding favors but be sure to keep one for yourself! Now go check out these 14 ways to decorate with succulents around your home!