Build a Garden Archway

Make this charming climber from $25 of steel—no welding required!

Required Tools for this Project

Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.

  • Clamps
  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Rubber mallet

You'll also need a maker, string, a chalk bottle and a conduit bender

Required Materials for this Project

Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. Here's a list.

  • Two 1/2-in. x 20-ft. lengths of rebar (for arches)
  • One 1/2-in. x 10-ft. length of rebar (for stakes)
  • Two 3/8-in. x 20-ft. lengths of rebar (for circles)
  • 18-gauge copper wire
  • Plastic garage door stop molding or other stiff but bendable material
  • Cable ties

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