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Top 10 Reasons Dad Would Dig Brewing His Own Beer

Father's Day is almost here. For your beer-loving dad, a home brewing kit is the perfect gift.

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He'll Make New Friends

Does Dad feel left out lately? Everyone in the household has people coming over, but no one seems to share his interests. Home brewing could be the hobby that reconnects him. This homebrew starter kit is perfect for Father's Day or his birthday.

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He'll Get to Pretend He's a Mad Scientist

If Dad loves DIY home improvement, why wouldn't he also love DIY home brewing? He'll get to dabble in a little chemistry and work with brew pots, thermometers, tubes and buckets. Learn how to build a classic wood bar top, install a beer tap and more.

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He'll Save Money

Are there any dads out there who don't like to save money? Give your dad a homebrew kit for Father's Day or his birthday, and he'll be able to save money on beer that he has customized, just the way he likes it. The cost per homebrewed batch can be as inexpensive as $0.66 per beer!

Check out this handy DIY reclaimed barn wood beer caddy.

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It's Good for His Health

Wait, did we really just say beer is good for Dad's health? Of course, drinking too much is a bad idea in more ways than one, but in moderation, beer can provide antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamin B and silicon thanks to the ingredients used in the beer-making process, like malt, yeast and hops. Read more about the possible health benefits of beer in this post from the American Homebrewers Association.

Plus, how cool is this double-duty pub shed?

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He Never Has to Think About What to Buy for Gifts Again

When it comes to birthdays, holidays and other celebratory gifts, Dad freezes up. He never knows what's going to put a smile on someone's face. So, after you give him his very own homebrew kit, he's sure to have his presents bottled up and ready to go whenever the time comes. A homemade brew is extra satisfying when enjoyed in a man cave. Here's how to create your own.

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He Can Take Control of What Goes Into His Beer

Even if dad's not a complete control freak, he might really appreciate being able to select exactly what ingredients are used in his beer. Along with the big four ingredients of malt, water, hops and yeast, he can add in spices like coriander or the peel of curacao orange for a Wit Bier. If a strong golden or dark ale is more his thing, he can add in fermentable fruits like cherries or raspberries. Check out this high-end all-in-one home brewing system he might love.

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He Can Connect With His Heritage

If dad is proud of his ancestors, wherever they were from, he could honor them by brewing beer in the style of their homeland. Depending on his ancestry, he could brew a German pilsner, Irish stout or a Corona-esque light lager. Create a backyard space for friends and family to kick back, relax and enjoy the latest brew.

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He'll Have an Excuse to Throw a Party

He's been talking about wanting to invite people over all year, and now he'll have the perfect excuse. He can throw a tasting party and feature his latest brews, along with some grilling, if he's also into that.

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He'll Be the Resident Expert

Does Dad often get left out of the conversation? If he takes up home brewing, he'll have a subject on which he can enlighten family and friends. Let's face it, he's probably not going to take up CrossFit or true crime binge watching, but brewing beer, that he would do.

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He'll Never Be Out of Beer

No more grumpy, last-minute beer runs! If dad becomes his own brew master, he'll have complete control over his inventory. And, maybe dad would like this chalkboard beer tap handle so he can label his favorite beer.

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