ProPak Trim from Home Depot is a Good Deal!


Sponsored by Home Depot


I bought my first ProPak trim bundles from The Home Depot while I was trimming my son’s new house a couple of years ago. ProPaks are prebundled packages of the most common types of trim used in homes. In my case it was preprimed, pine Princeton-style base and casing. It was pretty cool to walk into the store, throw a ProPak over my shoulder and haul it through checkout. There was no messing around with sorting through the trim bin to find what I needed, and the checkout person only had to scan a few items instead of dozens. Also, the customers behind me probably appreciated not having to wait while I fussed around bundling everything in plastic wrap.


ProPak Trim from Home Depot is a Good Deal!


I was impressed with the quality of the trim as well. It’s kind of scary to buy these big bundles of trim without getting a good look at them, but of the several packs I bought, everything was straight with no chatter marks or cracks. But the best part is the savings. If you buy ProPak trim, you’ll save up to 40 percent over buying the trim piece by piece off the rack. The availability of styles varies by store.


The long lengths of trim (16 ft. for base and 14 ft. for casing) make for minimal waste, too. ProPak trim is for larger trim jobs like retrimming an entire house or trimming a new house. And it's perfect for you contractors who have the space to store common trim styles—you can create a personal lumberyard. So if you have lots of trim to install and you only need standard profiles, check out ProPak trim online.


— Travis Larson, Senior Editor