Bookcases: Pro Shortcut for DIY Furniture Makers

Hanging cabinet doorsCustom cabinet doors by mail

The ideal bookcase has open shelves for items you want to put on display, and enclosed storage space for stuff you don't. But the trouble with enclosed spaces is that they require doors—and making doors requires extra time, tools and know-how. With many bookcases, building doors takes more time and skill than the rest of the project combined.


So I'll let you in on a little secret: Lots of professional furniture makers don't make their own doors. Instead, they buy custom-made doors for bookcases and other fur

niture jobs. There are suppliers all over the U.S. who will make doors to your exact specifications and ship them anywhere. The doors I've ordered have been excellent: flawless joinery, good wood selection and precisely the right size. Plus, for a few bucks extra, I get my doors sanded, so they're ready to finish right out of the box. I've spent from $20 to $60 per door, depending on the size, style and wood species. To find a supplier online or browse styles, just enter "custom cabinet doors" in your favorite search engine.

— Gary Wentz, Senior Editor

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