Mud-Busting Boot Scrape

A great scrap wood project

Build the boot scraper

Ordinary doormats simply can't handle serious muck, but you can clean out packed dirt from even the deepest boot treads with this boot scraper made from 2x4s.

  1. Screw the base pieces (A and B) together upside down so that the screw heads are hidden.
  2. Fasten the uprights (C) to the sides (D), then screw the side brushes on with 2-in. screws.
  3. Screw the bottom brushes to the base with 2-in. screws.
  4. Space the side pieces so that the bristles are roughly 4-1/2 in. apart.
  5. Add a piece of aluminum angle to the front edge so you can scrape boots before brushing them.

Use stiff-bristle brushes—either “bilevel” brushes or deck scrub brushes. You may need to cut off part of the handle so the brush will lie flat.

FIGURE A: Build the boot scraper

Boot scraper details

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