Using a Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Drain your sump even when the power is out

Install the new pump above the sump and run water and drain lines

A battery-powered pump is a great backup for your main sump pump, especially if your house is supplied by a well. But if you’re on a municipal water system, a water-powered backup pump may be a better option (a well pump won’t work if the power’s out). The price you’ll pay for water consumption during a power outage is a pittance compared with the cost of a flooded basement. And, a water-powered pump never needs new batteries.

The pump shown here (Basepump RB750, from ) installs on the ceiling above the sump. You’ll have to run a 3/4-in. water line to it and connect the remote float and tubing to the switch near the pump. Then run a separate self-draining pipe that drains outside.

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