Winter Motorcycle Maintenance - Put Your Bike to Bed for the Winter

Save big $$ by winterizing your motorcycle yourself

Step 1: Fill the tank and add fresh fuel stabilizer

Step 2: Change the oil and filter

Step 3: Fog the engine

Step 4: Drain the carburetor

Step 5: Change the final drive lube

Step 6: Critter-proof the air intake and exhaust pipes

Step 7: Lube the chain and all pivot points

Step 8: Install a "battery maintainer"

Step 9: Check the coolant freeze protection

Step 10: Spray the bike with WD-40

This may sound strange, but a light coating of WD-40 over the entire bike does a great job of preventing corrosion. I got this tip from a bike shop service manager who swears that his bikes come out of storage looking better than customers’ bikes that aren’t sprayed. In the spring, just drive it to a self-service car wash and hose it down. It’ll look great.

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