How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Protect your lawnmower against winter cold and corrosion.

Clean, lubricate and prep the engine

With a little post-season preparation, you can ensure that your mower will start like an Olympic sprinter when you roll it out in spring. Fill the fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer to the gasoline to prevent fuel deterioration and the formation of gum, varnish and rust in the fuel system. Run the mower to circulate the additive throughout the fuel system. Lubricate the rest of the engine as shown in the photo. Thoroughly clean the outside and bottom of the mower, and disconnect the spark plug wire and the negative cable from the battery (if you have one). Lubricate all moving parts and spray rust inhibitor on the blade and surrounding unpainted metal parts. When spring rolls around, simply replace the spark plug wire and battery cable, and your mower will run like a champ.

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