Car Detailing

From fixing small scratches and dings to finding the best paint solutions, learn about the best car detailing tips and projects to keep your car shiny and new.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on Struts Replacement

Replace struts yourself and save $300

How To Flush and Replace Brake Fluid

Brake fluid goes bad. Flushing old brake fluid and replacing it with new keeps your brakes working safely.

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Fix a Leaking Tire Valve Stem in 5 Minutes

Five minutes is all the time you need for this quick, easy valve stem fix.

How to Refinish Wheels

Freshen up your middle-aged car

How To Check Brake Fluid

It's critical to test brake fluid regularly to ensure proper braking performance and safety.

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11 Great Tips for DIY Car Body Repair

Do you prefer to work on your car yourself? Do you like the idea of being able to fix a...

How to Buy Tires

Buy tires the smart way—set priorities and do your homework