Deane Biermeier

Deane Biermeier


After over 30 years working in residential construction, contracting, remodeling, maintenance, and home repair Deane began writing to broaden his reach. Throughout his career, his passion has been helping clients find the potential hidden in the walls of every home and providing them with the information and tools to take control of their repair and remodeling pursuits. His goal was, and is, to assist his clients—now his readers—in finding ways to make their ambitions a reality. To meet that desire, Deane now provides written content about all things relating to the home and home finances.

Family Handyman Editorial Policies

For more than seven decades, Family Handyman has been providing its audience with ideas, inspiration and step-by-step directions on how to maintain and enhance indoor and outdoor living spaces. In addition to having our own staff of experts, we hire individuals whose skills have been honed through years of experience in the building, plumbing and electrical trades, and as passionate homeowners who have translated DIY (do it yourself) skills into careers as respected creators.


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