Katy Willis

School: Complimentary Medical Association,Canine Nutrition and Holistic Health

Expertise: landscaping and garden, pest control, cleaning and organization, renovating and remodeling, pets, outdoors and camping

Katy Willis

  • Member of the UK's Complimentary Medical Association (MCMA), and certified as a Master Herbalist (MCMA) and Canine Nutritionist (COE-MCMA).
  • Lives and gardens on an organic homestead.
  • Has written for publications including Family Handyman, Angi, HomeAdvisor, RealSelfSufficiency, GardensAlive, DavesGarden, Reviews and GardenGuides.


Katy Willis is a master gardener, herbalist and certified canine nutritionist. She focuses on sustainability and green living on her organic homestead, where she uses permaculture techniques to grow food and raise chickens. She's an experienced pet parent who adores her dogs and strives to give them the best possible life. Katy's commitment to sustainability extends to her DIY and home improvement skills, minimizing waste and promoting self-sufficiency in every aspect of her life.


Complimentary Medical Association, Canine Nutrition and Canine Holistic Health (COE-MCMA)

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