Cathy Harms is an award-winning woodworker, educator, and freelance writer who covers woodworking, DIY, and home decor. She owns Charms Woodworks, a one-woman woodworking shop in NC, and is a mom of twins, a builder, content creator, and maker. Her work has been featured in Fine Woodworking magazine and her educational toys named “Etsy Finds”. When not working, she enjoys being a mom taxi for her twins, and is a major fun seeker with a goal to visit all the national parks in an RV. She is slowly creating a handcrafted domicile, replacing her out-of-the-box furniture with furniture made by hand.
7 Parcel Drop Boxes To Keep Your Deliveries Safe

7 Best Parcel Drop Boxes for Safe and Secure Deliveries

Deter porch pirates from stealing your packages and keep them weatherproof with the top parcel drop box picks.