Family Handyman Approved: Handyma’am Goods Cotton Overalls

Handyma'am Goods makes durable, functional women's workwear without sacrificing comfort or style.

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A pair of cotton overalls is such a versatile item of clothing. As workwear, they keep you covered and clean. And as everyday apparel, they keep you stylish and comfortable — perfect for the farmer’s market, a music festival and more.

But not all overalls are meant to be worn on the job, and not all are fit for the morning market and brunch. Enter Handyma’am Goods.

Family Handyman Approved: Handyma’am Goods Cotton Overalls

Handyma’am Goods has the “versatile clothing” thing down to a science. From aprons that double as dresses to coats to overalls, everything they make is functional and fashionable. I tried their full-length cotton overalls to see what the hype is all about.

After testing them, I’ve found these overalls are great for everything from building shelves to gardening or even cleaning. I’m on the shorter side but my kitchen counters are tall, so I tend to lean against them while cleaning. With these cotton overalls, I won’t have to worry about accidentally bleaching my sweatshirt. The bib protects clothes from cleaning sprays and sloshing suds.

What Are Handyma’am Goods Cotton Overalls?

Handyma'am Goods Cotton Overalls bagFamily Handyman

Handyma’am Goods overalls are a 100 percent cotton garment made in the U.S. and designed for women in all walks of life.

I was drawn to these overalls in particular because they’re intended for all kinds of tasks, activities and hobbies, not just for working in the trades. Handyma’am Goods does an awesome job of combining workwear and womenswear into functional pieces that work for everyone.

When I received the overalls, the first thing I noticed was the thoughtful design — right down to the packaging. Inside the shipping package, the overalls came in a reusable drawstring bag. It tells you right off the bat that Handyma’am Goods is owned and operated by women.

When I took the overalls out of the bag, the thick, smooth herringbone fabric impressed me. This is high-quality material; no lumps, bumps, pills or errors. These cotton overalls come in black, olive green and natural. I got them in natural — a really nice, trendy color that matches basically everything.

close up of Handyma'am Goods Cotton Overalls Herringbone FabricFamily Handyman

The pockets caught my attention next. These overalls have five — two in front, two in back and one on the right leg — plus a pen slot and a key loop. The pockets are actually big enough to hold a cellphone. They come in six sizes between XS and XXL. The shoulders have an adjustable self-tie closure, so it’s easy to get the right fit.

How We Tested It

The Handyma’am Goods cotton overalls are supposed to handle all the trials of everyday life, so that’s how I tested them.

First, I wore these overalls while deep cleaning my kitchen. I started by emptying the dishwasher and drying rack. That meant squatting to put pots and pans in lower cabinets, stretching to put coffee mugs in higher cabinets and climbing my step stool to reach the cabinet above the fridge. These cotton overalls aren’t stretchy, but they’re not stiff either, and moving in them was easy.

Next, I washed some dishes, cleaned my counters and hand-mopped the floor. The bib worked just as I anticipated, keeping me dry amid sponge splashes, countertop puddles and sink sprays. Again, the overalls were breathable and easy to move in as I crouched to wipe the floor.

When I finished cleaning, I headed out to shop for some plant shelves. With these overalls, I could bring a tape measure to the store without carrying a purse. They also made it easy to carry my tape measure, stud finder and pencil around my apartment to decide where to put the shelves.

My large 25-foot tape measure doesn’t fit in the front pocket, but it has a clip that works on the key loop. My smaller 12-foot tape measure fits in the pocket with some room to spare.

Overalls Showing Back Pocket And Key LoopFamily Handyman

That was all in one day of testing. Over the past couple of months, I also wore them to the nursery, to repot plants, to bake cookies, to run errands, to put up a shelf and even to write this review. These cotton overalls live up to their claims of being ready for anything, and they’re easy to throw on when there’s a chance of getting messy.

I managed to get a few stains during the testing process. I felt a little bad at first for getting them dirty. After all, they’re such a cute pair of overalls in such a light color. But they’re made to get dirty.

The tag says to machine wash cold and hang dry, so I spot treated them with a stain remover stick I keep in the kitchen and tossed them in the laundry following the tag’s instructions. They washed up well and dried completely overnight.

Performance Review

Handyma’am Goods keeps its promises with these cotton overalls. Clothing often looks better in photos online than in person, but I wasn’t at all disappointed when they arrived.

They look and feel great right out of the package. They’re comfortable, functional and stylish enough for countless situations. They’re well-made and durable with great attention to detail. They even have a little American flag tag on the back pocket to show off their “made in the U.S.” status.

Performance: There are three things I value most in an item of clothing: Can I move easily in it? Will it last? Is it easy to wash? The Handyma’am Goods cotton overalls performed well in all three categories.

Value: At $225, these overalls cost more than I would usually spend on an item of clothing. But for a serious DIYer or tradesperson, reliable workwear is worth the splurge, just as a serious woodworker might splurge on a band saw. And these overalls should last for years. So despite the high upfront cost, the cost per wear ends up being low.

Reliability and durability: I’ve had these overalls for a little over a month now, and they’ve held up to everything I’ve thrown at them. I’m looking forward to wearing them while planting my outdoor balcony garden later this spring.

Ease of use: There’s a reason why overalls have always been a go-to piece of workwear — they’re just easy. The Handyma’am Goods overalls are fitted but not tight, have tons of pockets and are made of a thick fabric that protects the clothing underneath them.

The only improvement I can think of would be a short, regular or long choice in the sizing. They’re a little too long on me. I just rolled them up since I like the look of cuffed pants. It would also be easy to get them hemmed.

Overalls Showing Pen Slot And Shoulder TiesFamily Handyman

There are two differences to note between these overalls and others I’ve worn. First is the tie closure at the shoulder, which I don’t mind. Another pair of overalls I own has the typical buckle that always twists the wrong way, so the tie closure eliminates that minor annoyance. Second, these have a pen slot instead of a large pocket on the bib.

Why You Should Buy This

Handyma’am Goods is a woman-owned business, and their products are made with intention. They know what makes a good-quality, multi-use garment that will last.

While work overalls like this are definitely aimed at tradespeople, these are an excellent choice for anyone. They’re durable enough for women in the trades, but they don’t sacrifice style and are equally suited for working around the house.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if these overalls are right for you:


  • Versatile item ready for work or play;
  • Machine washable;
  • High-quality 100 percent cotton fabric;
  • Lots of pocket space.


  • All sizes have the same inseam;
  • Some people may prefer a buckle closure at the shoulder or a front bib pocket.

Where to Buy Handyma’am Goods Cotton Overalls

You can purchase these overalls from the Handyma’am Goods website. There’s also a short version for the summer months.

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