Why Fall is the Best Time to Have Garage Sales

Here’s why fall is the best time for a garage sale

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So your junk drawers, closets and garage are overflowing with things you no longer need. Or perhaps it’s time to give your house a major makeover. You’ll have to get rid of the old to enjoy the new! That means it’s time for a garage sale. But when’s the best time to have one?

Check out these 14 tips for a successful garage sale.

While spring and summer are wildly popular for garage sales, fall is often ignored despite decent weather and lovely scenery that has people out and about in the great outdoors before the colder months hit. Not to mention, it’s back-to-school time! Parents are looking to stock up on inexpensive clothes and other useful items for their kids.

While most people choose to have garage sales when it’s warm and people having more time to peruse, hosting a garage sale in the fall means less competition!

Plan for a fall Saturday (the most popular day for garage sales) and hope for crisp blue skies and sunshine. Cooler temps will invigorate people and get them outside to take in the fresh air before the cold of winter. The more people that are out and about, the more stuff you’re likely to sell!

Put your garage sale signs up in busy areas and prepare for people to flock to your sale and stay a bit longer than in the summer, since there aren’t as many other sales happening as there would be in the summer. Now the big question is, what should you sell to make the most of your sale?

It’s all about timing, so trying to sell summer stuff is probably not a good idea. Your best bet is to think of what’s ahead. Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decor and Christmas lights are going to put money in your pocket. You can make things even more inviting for customers by displaying your holiday gear on different tables.

The right clothing can be a big seller in fall. Those summer dresses, sandals and beach towels aren’t of interest, but chunky sweaters and close-toed shoes and boots, ski jackets, hats, mittens and gloves are a good bet.

With the seasons changing, it’s also time to create your fall home maintenance checklist.

Electric heaters, gently used or unused warm, soft blankets, unused candles and any other items that are cozy for the winter will do well too. You know about hygge, the Danish “cozy” vibe, right?

To really invite people in to your garage sale, make it an event! Serve warm apple cider, hot chocolate or even a big hearty soup to help your business boom.

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