This is Where You Should Keep Fire Extinguishers

The kitchen isn't the only place you should keep a fire extinguisher.

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Common sense dictates that you keep fire extinguishers wherever there’s a potential for an accidental fire, such as in kitchens and garages. But some fire experts also recommend keeping them in places like laundry rooms and workshops and at the tops of basement stairwells.

So where should you keep a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers should never be more than 75 ft. away from a Class A (ordinary combustibles) hazard, and no more than 50 ft. from a Class B (flammable liquids) hazard. When you mount a fire extinguisher to a wall, keep it high enough so kids can’t reach it, near an exit, and away from any kind of heat source. Also place the extinguisher a safe distance from items and areas with the highest risk for fire so you can get to it when you need it most.

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