Where Should You Put Your Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday decorating tradition, lighting the room with the joy of the season. It’s important to know the best place to showcase its spirit and beauty.

Arranging the Room

You may need to rearrange some of the furniture to feature your Christmas tree. In most living rooms, the focal point is the television. Just for this little window of time, move that armchair or shelf full of plants to the other side of the room, shifting the focal point to the tree. You can still watch Elf, just make some room to experience the joy a well-placed Christmas tree can bring.

Small Rooms

Small rooms and apartments can be challenging when placing a Christmas tree. A corner works well — it’s out of the pathway, but still visible.

Once you decide where to place the tree, measure how much room you have, including ceiling height. Take a tape measure with you on your tree hunt. When you find a tree you like, take a moment to visualize it in your living space. A small table-top tree is nice — it doesn’t take up too much space and still brings joy. You can always put lights on that rubber tree plant you have in the corner.

Good Locations

Set up the tree in the room where your family spends most of its time. Making your tree viewable from many angles has more benefits than you realize. If you can see the twinkle of the light from the kitchen and also through the front door, you’ll be on Santa’s nice list.

It’s also extremely festive to place your tree in front of a window for people passing by to see. However, you do not want to block the sunlight that helps to heat your home on a cold winter’s day. Another detail to consider — is there an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the lights?

Locations to Avoid

Avoid areas near heat sources such as the fireplace, a space heater, a heating vent (on top or under), or in front of the baseboard or radiators. This will dry out the tree, making it a fire hazard. And always water your Christmas tree daily.

Another safety consideration: Never place your tree close to an exit — always keep exits unobstructed. Although not always avoidable, keeping the tree out of a pathway will minimize people (and pets) knocking ornaments and needles off the branches. Setting up the tree in the middle of a room is not an efficient use of space.

The Goal

The ultimate goal in the placement of the Christmas tree is to bring joy to your holiday decor. If your tree is in the way of everyday life and stressing you out, it’s probably not in the right spot. The room should still be functional and have a nice flow to it. Consider the Christmas tree a masterpiece, a work of art. Display it as such and it will be a truly auspicious holiday season.

Up next, check out some tips on Christmas tree care.

Joe Cruz
Joe Cruz is a contributing editor for Family Handyman Magazine, creating DIY how-to & home improvement projects for both digital and print. Joe started woodworking at an early age, finding himself in carpentry jobs such as building and remodeling houses, woodworking jobs such as custom cabinetry and kitchen installation, and artisan positions involving props work for theaters and artful exhibit building for national museums. Although Joe is also a fine furniture maker, his real passions are music and woodturning, with original compositions on streaming platforms and woodturnings featured in various art shows and galleries.