What to Know About Smart Toilets

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Consider a smart toilet. These futuristic bathroom fixtures feature advanced technology for ultimate pampering and convenience.

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Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Consider a smart toilet. The latest developments in these bathroom standards feature advanced technology for ultimate pampering and convenience.

How Smart Toilets Work

Smart toilets come packed with added features and sensors that perform a wide variety of functions beyond just flushing. Some top-of-the-line models even connect to the internet so you can stream music or use a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.

Smart Toilet Benefits

In addition to offering an enhanced bathroom experience, smart toilets often use far less water than conventional toilets. That makes them a great choice for the eco-conscious consumer and those looking to save on utility bills.

They also boast conveniences such as self-closing lids and nightlights. These kinds of features are ideal for kids, seniors and people with disabilities. Smart toilets are often more compact than traditional toilets, making them a great choice for anyone in a small space, too.

Popular Smart Toilet Features

  • Touchless flushing: A sensor notes when you move away from the toilet (or when you wave a hand in front of it) for convenient and hygienic flushing.

  • Automatic lid: Sensors also know when to raise or lower the lid.

  • Seat warmers: Most smart toilets don’t just warm the toilet seat, they even let you specify exactly how toasty you prefer it.

  • Nightlight: There’s no stumbling in the dark when you have a smart toilet that automatically flips on an ambient light when it gets dark.

  • Spray adjustment: Prefer a bidet? Then consider purchasing a smart toilet like WoodBridge Luxury Bidet Toilet (shown here). It comes with a bidet feature that lets you specify your desired water pressure, temperature and other wash settings.

  • Self-cleaning features: Smart toilets come with everything from a robotic cleaning arm to ultraviolet light to keep things clean. Models like TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet also feature a deodorizer, in addition to several other self-cleaning features.

  • Overflow protection: Some smart toilets can help avert an overflow by preventing you from flushing when there’s a clog.

  • Remote control: A remote control lets you input your desired settings and manage your smart toilet at the press of a button. One model with remote control access that gets top marks: the BioBidet Bliss BB2000.

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