What to Know About Chalk Paint

What to Know About Chalk Paint

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The first thing that you need to know about chalk paint is that it is NOT chalkboard paint. The paint’s magical matte finish and ease of application make it a great choice for repurposing vintage pieces and tired pieces. Chock full of creative uses, chalk paint may be the inspiration you need to spruce up your space.

Who Created Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan created chalk paint in 1990. On her site, she explains that chalk paint resulted from a need for a paint that could be used to achieve myriad decorative effects, but that could be applied, left to dry, and waxed in one day, to accommodate Annie’s busy lifestyle as a working mother with three boys. She chose the name chalk paint because of the paint’s velvety, ultra-matte finish. Official chalk paint is a registered trademark of Annie Sloan. You can buy her paints online and at select stores. There are other chalk paints on the market and you can even make your own chalk paint.

How Does it Differ From Other Paints?

Chalk paint differs from other paints in several ways. It does not require any prep work, can easily be applied over most surfaces and it is less likely to drip. Chalk paint is an easy way to change the appearance of furniture without painstakingly having to strip off the current finish. “The paint goes on easily and thoroughly covers almost all colors and stains with only one to two coats of the paint. The finish is matte, chalk-like and is waterbased so clean up is so much easier,” notes Stephanie Katz, founder of Simply Less is More and DIY doyenne.

How Do You Use Chalk Paint?

Katz notes that chalk paint can be used on a repurposed vintage piece and to give new life to an old cabinet. “The finish comes out looking quite professional with little to no effort. Chalk paint can be brushed or rolled on and almost has a self-leveling ability. A wax can be applied over the topcoat to protect the finish. Chalk paint can be used on most of the same surfaces as traditional paint,” notes Katz who used chalk paint to completely refresh a wall unit in her family room. “It was a dark walnut stained wood and I completely painted over the dark brown wood with a bright white chalk paint. It covered it in two coats and literally updated the whole room and looks awesome.”

What Do You Need for a Chalk Paint Project?

Get started on a project today with paint, brushes and wax.

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