What to Do When Your Glue Caps Keep Getting Stuck

If you have any type of strong adhesive, there’s a strong change the cap is stuck on tight because you didn’t bother to clean off the nozzle the last time you used it.

HH Vaseline super glue rubber cement

Lubricate Your Glue Caps and Lids

Caps on certain adhesives/glues, like rubber cement and super glue, have a habit of getting stuck or glued on no matter how hard you try and keep them clean. This can be prevented by simply smearing a little coating of petroleum jelly onto the threads of the tube or lid. You just need a small dab of the petroleum jelly to prevent even more of a mess. Be sure to smear a little bit on before putting the cap back on the glue and it should prevent the cap from cementing on over time. So the next time you go to use your super glue, you’ll be able to open it with ease and get right to work!

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You can also get the same effect by spraying a little squirt of WD-40 inside the cap. Check out these 20 brilliant ways to use WD-40.

HH vaseline rubber cement glue caps lids

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