What Makes the Magic Eraser So Magical?

What Makes the Magic Eraser So Magical?

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The first time I used a Magic Eraser, I simply couldn’t stop. Truth be told, I caught on a bit late. In fact, it wasn’t until a few months ago that a house guest, after listening to me complain about the scratches on my wall, introduced me to the gift that is this magical white sponge.

Dampened with water, I went through an entire 12-pack of Magic Erasers, scrubbing the red coat rack paint from my stark white entryway wall and the coffee mug rings on my white kitchen table (that I thought were there to stay). I scrubbed every surface until no mark was left untouched. The magic of this eraser had won me over. And it remains an important part of my cleaning toolkit.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered on several occasions, as you’ve scrubbed crayon mark off the wall, about the magic behind this eraser. It comes down to one powerful ingredient.

The main ingredient in the Magic Eraser is melamine foam, which is made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. This foam is an effective sponge-like material. The combination of hard and soft structures within the “sponge” is what makes the magic. Melamine foam is harder than what makes up most stains, but it’s softer than most of the surfaces those stains are on. This allows the Magic Eraser to remove stains without scratching the surface underneath or around the stain.

Ever notice how a Magic Eraser sort of disintegrate as you scrub? Its sponge-like cell structure is delicate enough that it wears off on the durable layer under the stain. In other words, the scrubbing of the sponge loosens the dirt, while its open-cell structure soaks up and grabs the grime.

And in case you’re still skeptical, read this review on the Mr. Clean website:

“Mr. Clean Magic Eraser stinks. My son drew on a recently painted wall with a Sharpie (the brand name, not a cheap knockoff), small drawing, but a drawing nonetheless. I figured the best way to have him learn his lesson was to go up there, scrub for a long time, then I’ll go finish it up (he’s only 6). Nope. I handed him the Magic Eraser and told him to go upstairs and clean the wall. Literally two minutes later he comes down, ‘I’m all done Daddy.’ I walk up to check, nothing. Thanks to Mr. Clean and his ‘magic eraser’ I now have to figure out another way to teach my kids not to draw on walls.”

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