What Does a Mattress Warranty Cover?

The mattress warranty is an important consideration as you shop for a new mattress.

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Buying a mattress has the pain points of most big purchases: It’s going to shrink your bank account balance, and it’s sure to stir up buyer’s anxiety. What could happen if you sleep on an old mattress may be the extra push you need to go through with it. Your search for the perfect mattress has to start with which type is going to give you that good night’s sleep you need. But, once you narrow the field of contenders, don’t pull out the credit card until you pull up the mattress warranty. What you think it covers and what it actually covers might be two different things.

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What Is a Mattress Warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee from a manufacturer that its product will perform as promised. Warranties have time limits—for mattresses, this typically ranges from five to 20 years.

Are There Other Restrictions?

Yes, and it’s important you know these:

  • Mattress warranties cover physical defects, like a spring popping loose, seams coming apart or the mattress sagging prematurely. They don’t cover how comfortable it is to sleep on; most manufacturers offer a sleep trial period of 90 days or more.
  • Sagging must meet the manufacturer’s minimum requirement (1-1/2 inches, for example) to be considered.
  • Replacement is typically prorated, based on how many years you’ve used it versus how many years are left on the warranty.
  • Normal wear and tear (scuffing when moved, handles that loosened over time, loose threads at corners, etc.) is not typically covered under a warranty.

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What Can Void a Warranty?

Most manufacturers will void a mattress warranty if you have damaged it in some way or don’t adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use. Typically, that means the mattress, from day one, must be:

  • On a proper support, as specified by the manufacturer
  • Protected with a waterproof covering
  • Clean, with no stains on the mattress
  • Rotated, as recommended

How Do You File a Warranty Claim?

Contact the retailer where you purchased the mattress or reach out to the manufacturer.

How Is the Claim Investigated?

The mattress company will send someone out to look at your mattress. You may have to pay a fee to have this done or to be sent an investigation kit by the company. And, if the mattress will be replaced but its value is prorated, you’ll have to pay for the value not covered. According to Tuck.com, you may have to pay some or all of the shipping costs for the replacement, as well.

Should You Buy a Mattress Without a Warranty?

No! And read and compare the mattress warranty of any manufacturer you’re considering before you make a purchase.

Even though a mattress may have a warranty for five, 10 or 15 years, you may find that it doesn’t actually last that long!

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