Walmart Releases HART, a New Line of Tools Made for DIYers

Calling all do-it-yourselfers: Walmart is cementing itself in the DIY tool landscape with the launch of their extensive and competitively priced new tool line, HART.

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impact driver hartWalmart

Walmart’s Competitively Priced Tool Line: HART

Walmart has not traditionally been the first place you would consider going when you need to purchase the tools for your next big DIY project. That’s changed recently, with Walmart steadily providing more and more pro-quality tools in their stores. Now, the superstore has made it clear it wants to be a destination for tool-seeking DIYers with the launch of HART, a new competitively priced tool line that is exclusive to Walmart. You can have a full look at the selection here.

Walmart built the HART line specifically with DIYers in mind, so each tool is designed to be easy to use and versatile. A majority of HART tools run off of a universal 20-volt battery platform, so you can power your string trimmer with the same battery you use to run your drill. All of the HART line is available now at Walmart, which includes more than 340 HART tools and accessories in stores and online. The HART line includes tools from a variety of categories, including power tools, lawn and garden tools, storage solutions, automotive tools, protective gear and accessories. Check out our top picks:

Outdoors Tools

walmart hart string trimmer edgerWalmart

Don’t worry, Walmart didn’t forget about tools you need to work on projects outside of the workshop. There are more than 30 outdoor tools in HART line. Right off the bat, they’ve got a 12-inch string trimmer/edger kit that is sure to please even the most perfectionist DIY landscapers.

This is an edger and string trimmer in one and gets where your mower can not reach – mulch beds, gardens, fence lines, and even sidewalks.  This hybrid technology gives you the option to use a 20V battery for easy maneuverability or an extension cord for unlimited runtime.

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20V Line

battery hartWalmart

For performance, quality, ease of use and control, nothing works harder than HART’s 20V power tools. Compact and lightweight, the 20V tools are designed for user comfort. The 20V battery compatibility allows you to use all your tools with one battery and cordless power lets you work safer and more freely. So you can work almost anywhere—in the home, the workshop, the garage, out in the yard or on-the-go. 

Hand Tools

hart tape measureWalmart

No DIYer’s tool chest is complete until it’s stuffed with all sorts of hand tools. Walmart has plenty of hand tools in the HART tool brand, and if they’re all the same quality as HART’s pro-grade tape measure that’s very good news. Little details like a magnetic, oversized hook, easy-to-read markings, and a pocket-friendly clip make this tape a tool that will impress DIYers and might even win over a few construction pros.

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hart rolling tool storageWalmart

The more tools you buy, the more storage you need for them. HART’s got tool storage covered, with several tool bag options as well as a 3-in-1 rolling tool box with eight compartments, rubber wheels and a built-in organizer in the lid. Check out our top tool storage tips, tricks and ideas.

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hart automotive buffer setWalmart

Doing your own car repairs saves a boatload of money and it allows you do fix-up your car to your specific likings, but let’s be honest here—you’re really in it for the tools, right? Walmart’s HART tools have many highly-rated auto tools to chose from. This 20V 10-inch Buffer Kit will help keep your car looking great. The buffer delivers variable speeds of 0-2,900 RPM and over an hour of runtime.

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Power Tool Accessories

hart drill driver and bits setWalmart

It’s tough to get the most out of tools if you don’t have the right attachments and accessories to go along with them. Luckily, if this 70 piece drill drive set is any indication, HART plans on keeping its tools locked and loaded with all of the essential accessories.

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Protective Gear

hart knee pads protective gearWalmart

Protective gear is crucial for any DIY job, and the HART Pro Knee Pads feature gel-infused, memory foam padding for maximum stability and comfort. The large neoprene straps ensures that the knee pads stay in place while you work. The non-marring design protects work surfaces from damages and scuffs. Ideal for use on on hardwood, tile, decking or framing projects. This is the safety gear every DIYer should own.

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Can HART Tools stand out in comparison to their competition? We’ll find out. We’ve got some in house and are going to test drive them to let you know.

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