9 Tips For Wrapping Gifts Quickly (No Gift Bag Required)

Time-saving tips and tricks to help you wrap gifts quickly this holiday season and beyond.

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Does looking at a pile of gifts that need to be wrapped turn you into a stressed-out Scrooge? If you’ve left all your Christmas wrapping to the last minute, you’re feeling the pressure to get it done quickly. Fortunately for you, we have some time-saving tips that will help. Find out how to create beautiful packages faster than you can say “ho, ho, ho.”

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Create a Gift Wrap Station

Whether it’s a cleaned-off desk, the dining room table or a space on the floor (note that this can result in a stiff back if you wrap for too long!), it’s important to designate and organize a space for wrapping. Alton DuLaney, gift-wrap artist (and Scotch brand ambassador) says, “If you create a workspace before you wrap, the job will be so much easier. I like to work at a sturdy, waist-high table or counter.” As you start wrapping gifts, think of some good hiding spots to keep your gifts a surprise!

The Right Tools are Essential

If you’ve ever tried to cut a piece of gift wrap with cheap scissors, you know the resulting tattered edge is not ideal. A quality pair of scissors will make your gift wrapping go much smoother. According to Fiskars Designer and Crafter, Emma Jeffery, their Amplify Shears, “will allow you to quickly and efficiently cut through a single sheet of wrapping paper or even double-down on slicing through multiple sheets of paper to wrap similar-sized gifts all at once.”

Look into these DIY gift wrap ideas to learn about ribbon you can make in your shop, ingenious wrapping paper storage tricks and more.

Mistakes Don’t Mean You Have to Start Over

Uh oh, didn’t cut a big enough piece of wrapping paper? No need to start over from the beginning. DuLaney suggests instead to “create a ‘belly band’ using festive ribbon or folded paper to cover the exposed part of the box.” Your wrapping job will look unique, and you can quickly move on to the next gift. However, if you want more guidance, learn the best way to wrap a gift here.

Lose the Gift Tags

Labeling traditional “to and from” gift tags can be time-consuming. Instead, use large letter stickers to identify each gift with the recipients first initial. A large single letter is a playful way to indicate who should receive the gift, and it adds a little flair to the overall look of your wrapped presents.

Don’t Skimp on Tape

One of the most important elements of gift wrapping is having the right tape. Cheap tape that’s difficult to get off the dispenser and doesn’t hold properly will slow you down. DuLaney likes to use two types of tape, “Scotch Double Sided Tape for tricky corners and the Scotch GiftWrap Tape that blends seamlessly into the paper for a super-clean look.”

Use a Time-Saving Gadget

According to one 5-star Amazon reviewer, this made in the USA, as-seen-on-Shark Tank product “WORKS GREAT! Easy to use and fast. Highly recommend!” The Little Elf Gift Wrap Cutter helps you zip through gift wrapping, plus, your paper will no longer have ragged, crooked edges. Get two for less than $20 and give one to a friend!

Embellish Inexpensive Gift Bags

Using gift bags certainly saves time on wrapping, but good-looking gift bags aren’t cheap and cheap ones aren’t all that good-looking! DuLaney suggests purchasing inexpensive, plain gift bags from the dollar store and embellish them with decorative tape. The result will be one-of-a-kind bags that are easy on the wallet! The holidays can get expensive if you’re not careful. The good news is, great gifts don’t have to be pricey. Here are 10 of the best cheap Christmas gifts to give this season.

Stick to a Color Scheme

Consider picking a unified color scheme when choosing your Christmas gift wrap. If all of your gift wrap, bows and other embellishments coordinate, you can quickly grab each element knowing whatever you choose, it will look beautiful together. Try shimmery silvers and golds, traditional red and green or go modern by using all black and white paper topped with red accents.

Tape Paper to Paper

Don’t tape wrapping paper directly to the gift. Not only can it damage the surface, but it’s harder to unwrap. According to DuLaney, “You want to tape paper to paper so the gift wrap always falls away from the gift.”

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