The Ultimate Outdoor Storage Box

Get your hands on this ultimate outdoor storage box now, so you’ll have ample outdoor storage come spring.

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A quality outdoor storage box is ideal for quickly and efficiently storing patio, garden, grill and other outdoor items to which you want easy access. The Keter Westwood Outdoor Storage Deck Box is the prime choice for a variety of reasons.

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An Amazon Best Seller, this outdoor storage box offers a spacious 150-gallon storage capacity, allowing you to store even your biggest backyard items. Plus, style isn’t an afterthought with this box, with its natural wood-paneled finish that makes it feel just as much a piece of outdoor décor as it is a storage unit.

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“This thing is MASSIVE, which is exactly what we wanted,” says one Amazon reviewer. “I had spoken to a friend about this, thinking it might be too big, and they said I’d fill it no matter what size it was. They were correct. We are able to put two of my kids small bikes, plus a plastic bin with all of their small toys into this with room to spare for cushions if needed.”

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Even your most precious items will remain safe in this box. It’s made of a durable and weather-resistant plastic resin, so it can withstand severe weather conditions. There’s also a place for a padlock to ensure additional peace of mind and provide maximum security. No matter where you are when the rain hits or a thief comes lurking around, your deck and pool accessories will stay safe.

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“This box is perfect for storing my outdoor cushions for my outdoor sofa and two chairs with plenty of room for side pillows, etc. I did not put anything in it until after a heavy wind blowing rain so I could make sure it was waterproof. It was perfectly dry so in went the cushions,” says another Amazon reviewer.

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The outdoor storage box also doubles as a bench, accommodating two adults on its sturdy top.

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