The Brilliant Miter Aid Measuring Clamp

Stop the tedious task of measuring miter joints with this incredible measuring clamp.

Miter Aid Measuring Clamp Lede

Easier Miter Measuring

The trickiest part of trimming out doors and windows is measuring, marking and cutting each trim board the right length. The problem? You take your final measurement from the “short side” of the first miter cut – and the wiggly end of the tape measure is hard to position in exactly the right place.

With the Miter Aid Measuring Clamp, you make your first miter cut (it has to be the “left side” miter), apply the clamp, slip the hooked end of your tape into the slot, then get your measurement and mark away. No fuss, no muss. The tool also has a built-in 1/4-in. lip you can use to mark a 1/4-in. reveal on the door or window jamb before measuring.

The Miter Aid Measuring Clamp costs about $16 at home centers and online. Learn more at

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