Stowable Spray Booth

Make a reusable spray booth that's easy to store.

Family Handyman

Years ago, I fashioned a spray booth out of foam-core poster board and duct tape. It was great, but I didn’t use it often, and it took up too much space. So I designed a new one that folds up. I used three 2 x 4-ft. sheets of 1/4-in. hardboard (about $15), cutting one in half for the ends. Build your booth any size. Leave about a 3/8-in. gap between the panels when you make the duct-tape “hinges” or the tape will tear. You have to redo the hinges occasionally, but that’s no biggie. As useful as this spray booth is, mine is usually folded into a 1/2-in.-thick sandwich and tucked out of sight. — Travis Larson

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