If You See a Small Sink in a Hallway, This Is What It’s For

It makes perfect sense — it's a helpful mop sink!

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People who love charming vintage details probably also love historic homes. Certain features in old houses aren’t found in modern construction today. We’re talking quirky additions such as little hallway closets for card tables and even random toilets in the basement.

Of course, some features are truly enchanting, like original woodwork, brick and ornate fireplaces. And in some homes, you might even find a tiny sink, AKA a mop sink, tucked away in the hallway.

What Is a Mop Sink?

Mop sinks have historically been used for cleaning a home. These were specifically for rinsing out mops and rag, dumping dirty mop water and filling a bucket with fresh water. It made work easier for a housekeeper and kept dirt out of the kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Some people may call a mop sink a butler’s sink, but the terms really aren’t interchangeable. Sinks most commonly called butler’s sinks are usually wide and deep, and still found in contemporary kitchens today.

You’re more likely to find a mop sink today in a commercial or industrial setting where janitors clean up at the end of a day. Most are installed at floor level for easy access.

What Can I Use It For?

If you happen to have a mop sink in your home, it can be used for its original purpose. Just confirm it’s still connected to proper drainage and a water source. What a great way to make cleaning the house that much easier and more efficient!

Another option? Plug the drain and use it as a water bowl for your dog. Prefer to try hiding it instead? Use it as a lovely plant stand. The options are endless!

Can I Buy and Install a Mop Sink?

Assuming that you have water running to the area, then yes. Mop sinks, available from major online retailers, can be installed by your or a plumber. Styles and prices vary depending on several factors, primarily the material for the basin. Stainless steel or fiberglass mop sinks tend to be more expensive than cheaper options like plastic.

This deep basin floor mop sink by KoolMore mounts to the wall. A drain hole allows water to freely flow out, making it easier to keep clean. The rust-resistant stainless steel is a modern look for an old-timey household product. You can also buy a mop sink kit, which includes a faucet and hose along with the sink basin.

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