This Toilet Upgrade Saves So Much Cleaning Time

You haven't experienced bathroom cleaning nirvana until you've tried this hack! Upgrade to a skirted toilet to skip those hard-to-clean spaces.

One of the worst parts of cleaning a bathroom is undoubtedly cleaning the toilet—especially when it comes to all those nooks and crannies. Traditional toilets are full of those spaces below the bowl that gather grime and are hard to maneuver around.

But what if you didn’t have to deal with that anymore? Enter a glorious upgrade: the skirted toilet.

What Is a Skirted Toilet?

A skirted toilet has a different aesthetic look than a traditional toilet, but it turns out that that aesthetic difference is also functional when it comes to cleaning. A traditional toilet has visible nooks behind the bowl where the toilet’s trapway is, which is the part of a toilet where the drain pipe and flushing mechanism are. In other words, you can see the curves of the drain pipe and tight crannies around the elements that make up the trapway.

On the other hand, a skirted option hides the trapway behind a smooth design that serves as a “skirt” around the base. You can also think of it as an apron around the base, so there are no tight spaces or angles—just a curved surface.

Is a Skirted Toilet Easier to Clean?

The answer is a resounding “Yes,” and here’s why. With a traditional toilet, you have to clean around the exposed curves and angles of the trapway. As you probably know, that can be a drudge. Those tight spaces often require you to hunch over and clean with a brush or a cloth, trying to remove trapped grime in difficult-to-reach areas. While knowing how to clean a toilet can also help, those nooks and crannies can still be frustrating.

For many reasons, a skirted toilet is easier to clean than a traditional toilet. For one, there are no relief lines thanks to the covered elements, which means no spaces to clean between. Additionally, the surface is smooth, so you’ll spend less time cleaning it since it takes longer to clean angular spaces. You may also notice that paper particles and other items can’t get trapped in the elements of your toilet, thanks to the smooth skirt. Essentially, to clean the skirt section of a toilet, all you need is a quick wipe-down with your preferred bathroom cleaning product after you’ve cleaned the rest of the toilet, and you’re done.

It’s easy to see why this bathroom hack could be a game-changer, so if you’re considering upgrading, take a look at our tips for buying a toilet before you make the plunge. (See what I did there?) If upgrading is out of the question, you may want to check out these tips for cleaning and maintaining your toilet.

Cianna Garrison
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