Simple Blade Storage

Cut kerfs in a 2x6 for easy blade storage.

simple blade storageFamily Handyman

Don’t ruin your blades with poor storage

I needed an efficient way to store table saw blades, keeping them organized and preventing their teeth from getting dinged. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time; just something simple. This 2×6 block fills the bill.

How to make this blade storage

  1. Clamp a couple blocks to the rip fence to hold the 2×6 down while raising the blade.
  2. Lower the blade, slide the 2×6 against the fence, and raise the blade about 1-in. into the block (note how many cranks it takes to get to 1-in.).
  3. Lower the blade, move the fence over 1/2 in. and repeat for as many kerfs as you need.

I keep my “blade block” in a drawer right next to my table saw.  – Brad Holden

simple blade storageFamily Handyman

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