See How Harbor Freight Gives Back to Veterans, Schools and First Responders

Harbor Freight Gives Back to Veterans, Schools and First Responders

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Harbor Freight may offer deep discounts year-round on its unrivaled inventory of quality tools, but the beloved home improvement retailer does not cut corners when it comes to giving back to the community. Behind the scenes, the company works hard to provide for veterans, students and first-responders throughout the United States. It’s all part of Harbor Freight’s Giving Back campaign.

The company’s deep respect for military men and women led to the Harbor Freight Tools Foundation, which makes annual contributions to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, serving those who served the country — and are now struggling with mental illness and other challenges that compromise their quality of life. So when you support Harbor Freight, you’re also supporting veterans and their families.

Kids benefit from your loyalty to Harbor Freight, too — and so do their teachers. Harbor Freight Tools for Schools makes sure students up to grade 12 are getting a skilled trade education. The company even offers grants worth $1 million to skilled trade teachers in public schools throughout the nation, thanks to the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence. And don’t forget their grant program, the Spark Award, which donates tools to skilled trades classes that are prepping a new generation of tradespeople and DIYers in public schools.

First responders to disasters like hurricanes, floods and earthquakes also benefit from the philanthropic arm of Harbor Freight, which donates tools and funds to police and fire departments. The company even works with the American Red Cross to provide aid to victims of natural disasters, such as the California wildfires and aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Harbor Freight not only arms these relief workers with tools, but assembles and distributes first aid kits at emergency sites.

Recently, Harbor Freight went to Latta, South Carolina, after the community was devastated by Hurricane Matthew. The company used its resources to help rebuild the Henry Street Park, creating new basketball courts and a baseball field, and providing new playground equipment. They also built and planted new garden boxes in under-served public schools throughout Oxnard, California. Suffice it to say, Harbor Freight community volunteers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

So the next time you use your Inside Track Club Membership at Harbor Freight, you can feel secure knowing your dollars are making it into the hands of people who care — and that a portion of your money is going right back into your community.

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