Reader Project: Pirate Ship Tree House

This reader-built, pirate ship tree house looks absolutely incredible!

reader tree house

One kid’s dream came true

“My daughter had been asking for a tree house for quite some time. So I decided to make it something special. I built a pirate-theme tree house for her and my son. I wanted something interactive, so I thought of as many workable things as possible.”

tree house from ground

tree house by reader

tree house interior

“It comes with a hatch, moveable canon, workable sail, a dumbwaiter, chain ladder, two gates and a helm that actually spins. I weaved the safety/climbing net myself. I also added another ladder for adult access that can removed.”

“Okay, so I built it for myself, too! Even my wife likes to lounge on the top deck and read a book in the boughs of our camphor tree. Later I may add a bird’s nest and maybe an anchor, but right now I am pleased with it.” — Douglas Goble

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