What’s In My Toolbox? A Pro Cement Mason’s Essential Tools

A pro cement mason shares a look inside her tool bucket at her go-tos and favorites.

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As someone who regularly works with cement, Andrea Harris knows what separates a high-quality cement tool from one you should never see your collection. And with more than ten years of experience as a cement mason in New York City, Harris also knows what it takes to make it as a tradesperson in the concrete jungle.

We talked to Harris about her life as a cement mason and the tools she uses on the job. To learn more about her and her story, check out this profile.

Andrea’s Cement Tools

Here are some of the essential tools Harris brings with her to every job:

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Margin Trowel

Margin trowels are made with thin, flat noses so that they can fit into tight spaces and corners. Her favorite margin trowel is this one from Marshalltown, which she says has a quality rubber handle and works well in both summer and winter.

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Pull-Up Trowel

When Harris needs to pull up concrete, she reaches for a finishing trowel made with a 9-5/8-in. x 4-in. high carbon steel blade and a straight wooden handle.

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Patch Trowel

Nothing takes a cement project from good to great like an exceptional finish job. Harris uses a patch trowel with a 12-in. x 4-in. stainless steel blade and a DuraSoft straight handle to achieve a smooth surface.

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Rubber Float

Cement masons use special tools called floats to level ridges and smooth the surface of a cement pad. Her go-to is this rubber float that comes already broken in so it’s ready for immediate use.

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Bucket and Tool Pouch

Cement mason tools don’t really fit well in a traditional tool bag. Harris carries her tools in a large bucket and keeps a few essentials handy in this specialized tool pouch.

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