Pool Noodle Wrist Rest

Make working on your computer so much better with a pool noodle!

cutting pool noodle wrist rest

Keep your wrists from getting fatigued during a long day at the computer by making this pool noodle wrist rest. First mark where you want to cut the noodle. For the wrist rest shown, we made the height slightly less than half of the full noodle diameter. (You could cut the noodle exactly in half and make two equally sized wrist rests.)

Use a utility knife to slice the pool noodle lengthwise at the marks; then pull the pieces apart. Clean up any areas along the cuts and then place one of the pieces flat-side-down in front of your keyboard. You can find more brilliant pool noodle hacks here.

finished pool noodle wrist rest

Watch this video for more brilliant ways to use pool noodles around your home: