The Best Places To Buy DIY Welding Tools

Want to try your hand at welding, but not sure where to get the right equipment? Here are some of our favorite spots to buy DIY welding gear.

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Some DIYers aren’t satisfied with doing their landscaping, painting and routine car maintenance. Some want to weld, too! Welding utilizes high heat and cooling to fuse metal parts together. If you’re interested in giving welding a try, check out this list of the best places to buy DIY welding tools online.


YesWelder offers the DIY welder tools and equipment for projects — things like welding helmets, guns and torches, and a range of welders and cutters. It’s hard to beat YesWelder’s combination of good quality and reasonable prices.

Its lineup includes welders and plasma cutters for two kinds of arc welding:  Metal inert gas welding, also known as gas metal arc welding; and tungsten inert gas welding, AKA gas tungsten arc welding. These range from $300 to $700,

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools offers an online store plus physical locations throughout the U.S. It stocks welders, welding accessories, welding supplies and soldering and plastic welding. You’re likely to find what you’re looking for at Harbor Freight.

Welders Supply

Besides tools and supplies, Welders Supply also sells apparel — welding jackets, gloves, pants and more. Shop at brick-and-mortar stores in Wisconsin and Illinois or their robust online store. The homepage highlights sales, deals, best sellers and their top collections. You’ll also get free shipping on orders of more than $300.

Welding Mart

Welding Mart is one of two companies on this list that offers used or reconditioned welding equipment, such as MIG/flux-cored, TIG, stick and engine driven welders. If you’re stocking your first welding workshop, preowned tools are a good way to go. Equipment searches can be sorted according to generator output (watts), brand and price to help narrow down the options.

Grainger Industrial Supply

On Grainger Industrial Supply’s website, you can search by categories such as price, brand, clearance items, on sale or new item. Another handy webpage features welding equipment replacement parts. Under its Custom Product Center heading, you’ll find categories like productivity and industries to help you learn more about welding equipment.


With categories such as safety, welding helmets, welding supplies and metal working, Weldfabulous makes its welding supplies fast and easy to find. This company offers the safety items such as auto-darkening welding helmets, as well as lots of carts, stands, clamps, industrial magnets and just about every other accessory you can imagine.

American Welding Supply

Describing itself as the “global provider of welding, safety and industrial supplies for the oil, gas and construction sector,” American Welding Supply offers lots of DIY welding tools. On their site you’ll find specials and sales with free shipping on selected items. Along with Welding Mart, American Welding Supply offers used welders, found under the Products tab.


CyberWeld offers lots of equipment in lots of categories. On each tab, you’ll find top brands of welders and cutters, helmets and safety equipment, gas cylinders and regulators, welding carts and tables, wire and more.

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