This Amazon Cat Toy Has More Than 39,000 Feline Fans

Our pet editor explains why this cat toy is so widely beloved.

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All cats play, and kittens play most of all — with or without a cat toy.

One of the top complaints I hear as a certified animal behavior consultant involves dangerous cat play aggression. That happens primarily with kittens during peak play periods, up to sixteen weeks of age. Rough cat play with biting and clawing injures ankles and could even damage your property.

As kittens matures, the intensity of play drops off. But even adult cats enjoy play throughout their life. Cats who play with dangerous objects like electrical wires could hurt themselves. Providing cats with safe toys, like the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat toy, lets them indulge in normal cat behaviors without risking your ankles, property or pet injury.

The best cat toys also help keep your kitty physically and emotionally healthy. Every cat is different, so what my Karma-Kat loves may leave your Sheba-Kitty cold. Luckily, today you can find interactive cat toys and DIY cat toys to satisfy every feline preference. You’ll find a selection of high-tech gadgets for you and your special pet, and even more new pet gadgets are released every day.

No single toy inspires purrs in every feline, but the Petstages cat toy is one of the cool pet products you can find on Amazon. It earned rave reviews from thousands of satisfied users. And if you’re in the market for great Amazon deals under $25, you can’t go wrong with this toy, purr-fect for every pet parent’s budget.

What Is the Petstages Cat Toy?

The Tower Of Tracks Petstages cat toy offers a quality product in a popular style, but with an innovation that really gets attention — it offers the cat a ball to bat in an enclosed track. In this case, though, the Petstages cat toy triples the fun by stacking three tracks with balls in one toy.


  • 9.75- x 9.75- x 6-in.;
  • 9.6 oz.;
  • Plastic construction.


  • Popular tracks design: Cats love batting balls, and the “track” keeps the prey-balls contained as kitty bats and swats the moving target. Lightweight balls allow the slightest paw-flick to set the toy in motion on three levels. The bright-colored balls appeal to humans. (Cats don’t really care about color, though — they’re more into patterns like stripes and spots.)
  • Provides multi-cat play option: Most cat lovers share their homes with more than one feline. That means cats often compete for toys. The Tower of Tracks allows multiple cats to engage in play at the same time, promoting a positive benefit for sharing the toy.
  • Designed for safety: Cats — and especially kittens — curiously poke paws (and heads) into small openings to explore. Petstages added a bar across the center top opening that allows paw-exploration but keeps your cat’s head from getting stuck.
  • Skid-proof base and easy-clean plastic: The wipe-off plastic surface keeps things tidy, and the non-slip base keeps the Tower of Tracks in place for daredevil kittens’ rambunctious antics.
  • Affordable: This is one of the least expensive and highest-rated cat toys available. Get more than one and keep it as a spare, or give it to a fellow feline lover.


  • Best sized for kittens: The dimensions mean jumbo-size adult cats may not engage as well with the toy.
  • Balls easily “killed” by big cats: The paw-pat game mimics prey chase, and bigger cats can easily extract balls and lose them around the house. The Tower of Tracks doesn’t provide replacement balls. However, according to several reviews, you can easily replace lost ones with ping pong balls or other cat toy balls with bells for added fun.
  • Requires supervision: Every toy has the potential for damage. A big cat or a dog friend could break the toy and swallow pieces, leading to severe injury. Petstages cautions to always supervise play — a good thing! — but that also defeats the purpose of using this Petstages cat toy for entertaining home-alone pets.

Petstages Tower Of Tracks Cat ToyVia

How to Use the Petstages Cat Toy

Cats use several behaviors during play. Part of stalking includes staring at the potential target. When the target remains motionless, like a mouse freezing in place, the eventual movement triggers the kitty to chase after the prey.

Once he captures the prey, paw-patting teaches the cat about it. Is it safe? Is it edible? Does it squeak when touched, or run? Also, because of the way cat eyes function, seeing something move horizontally across her field of vision excites her more than something running directly away from the cat.

This means setting the Tower of Tracks toy in the middle of the room probably won’t interest your adult cat. The clueless kitten curious about everything may immediately explore and discover the joys of ball-batting right away. But for other cats, be sure to bring out the toy and place it near them. Then flip one of the balls with your finger, and the motion will capture the cat’s attention.

The design entices some cats to paw-reach inside the center opening. If your cat likes these fishing games, you can drop a wad of tinfoil or a cotton ball inside. Most other cat track toys offer a slit opening on the top side of the track. This one situates the paw-access in a horizontal opening around the track, attractive to many cats who like to recline on their side to bat the ball.

With multiple cats, once one feline paw-bats the first ball, the others may become interested. Remember that simply staring at the moving balls and the Petstages cat toy is part of cat play. Adult cats and senior citizen felines may not have the energy, inclination, or arthritic dexterity to make the balls “go-go-go” but still enjoy watching.

Cats also play in bursts of energy, not for long marathon sessions like dogs. So while kittens with no off-switch might play until exhausted, most adult cats have enough within five to ten minutes.

Put the Petstages cat toy away, out of sight, and bring it out as a fresh fun game on an intermittent schedule. Cats tire of the same-old-same-old, so rotating cat toys can keep them fresh and fun for your cat.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

The Petstages Tower of Tracks cat toy earned more 39,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and an overall 4.6 star rating. Some reviewers channeled their “inner cat” to explain why cats liked the toy so much.

Verified Amazon purchaser Mausita gives it “four paws up,” writing: “Our cats love ball in track toys, and this is their new favorite with three tiers they can access horizontally.”

Fellow verified purchaser Book Addict calls it “our kitten’s new favorite toy.” She writes: “We adopted our three-month-old kitten, Mulder, last week. He absolutely loves playing with bell balls and ping pong balls, but he also has a habit of getting them stuck behind the couch, which means his play time is short-lived.

“This tower is his new favorite thing in the world. I pulled it out of the box and he played with it for over an hour, until he literally almost fell asleep on top of it.”

Satisfied customer Just Pat purchased the toy to keep their 16-year-old cat occupied while they’re at work, writing: “The Tower of Tracks keeps him engaged while I’m away. Now if he would quit playing with it at 2 am. LOL. But, seriously a great toy to keep an old guy happy!”

Where to Buy the Petstages Cat Toy

While The Tower of Tracks usually costs $24.95, it’s currently on sale for $8.95 at Amazon. You can also purchase this Petstage cat toy at Walmart for about $13.

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