Peel-Tek Review: What to Know

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Not only is Peel-Tek great at protecting surfaces, it’s kind of fun to peel off.

Let’s face it, taping off stuff for projects is time-consuming and a drain on your wallet. If you’ve got a remodeling project coming up or need to project something in the house while doing something else, then you need to check out Peel-Tek.

Peel-Tek is a protective product like a tape and you can use it for areas like your bathtub, door sills. It’s a great idea to protect the countertop if your doing a backsplash as well. You can brush it on and peel it off.

What to Use Peel-Tek On

It’s great for any home DIY project as well as any crafting project. Peel-Tek can help with stenciling, painting and other projects. It’ll hold to the contour of any surface.

Why is Peel-Tek Great

Peel-Tek is great because it will work on surfaces other masking agents won’t. Peel-Tek works great on porous surfaces like brick, stone, stucco, mortar and cement. Peel-Tek is also eco-friendly, water soluble and made in the U.S.

Where to Buy Peel-Tek

Find Peel-Tek on its website or on Amazon. You can pick up a gallon for $79.50 on Amazon, otherwise a 4 ounce jar costs $14.50 and a quart runs $29.50. Peel-Tek claims one quart equals the amount of tape you’d need to protect things.

Peel TekPeel Tek

Protect Your Home During Remodeling
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