What to Know About Virtual Interior Designers

If you need a little help redecorating your home, online design companies can lend a hand — without breaking your budget!

Whether you’re decorating a new home or refreshing an existing space, interior design doesn’t always come naturally. If you struggle to picture how furniture will look in your home and waffle over paint colors, you’ll love the newly popular idea of online design services, which provide expert insight and product recommendations for your space.

What Are Virtual Design Services?

Virtual design companies like Modsy and Spacejoy operate like a traditional interior designer, with one important distinction: everything takes place online!

With these services, you send in pictures of the room(s) you want designed and take a detailed survey about your style preferences. Equipped with this information, the company pairs you with an interior designer who provides inspiration and specific product recommendations for your space.

Every company works a little differently. Modsy, for example, creates a 3D rendering of the room from your photos, and your designer pulls together a few design layouts. You can request changes on aspects you don’t like.

When you’re happy with the finished design, you can purchase the furniture your designer recommends right from the site, or use the renderings as inspiration as you shop.

How Much Does It Cost?

Traditional interior design services tend to be expensive. One of the major selling points of online design services is that they’re much more affordable and charge flat-rate fees.

For instance, Modsy offers four design packages starting at $89 for one room, and Spacejoy has three tiers to choose from starting at $49. In-person interior designer services commonly charge $100 or more per hour, which adds up.

Popular Online Design Services

Today several companies offer online interior design services, and they vary by price and offerings:

  • Modsy: The incredibly detailed 3D rendering of your room is a prime Modsy selling point. You can swap in different pieces of furniture from their database to better visualize your space.
  • Spacejoy: The “Delight” package, costing just $49, is one of the more affordable options out there. You get a 3D model of your design, including renderings of your existing furniture.
  • Decorist: With prices starting at $299, Decorist is more expensive, but it allows you to work with high-profile designers like Tamara Kaye-Honey for less. In the end, you’ll receive a mood board-style design, custom floor plan and set-up instructions.
  • Havenly: If you only want to dip your toe into the water, Havenly offers “mini” consultations for $79, and you’ll get ideas back from your designer in just two days. However this service only offers mood boards, not 3D renderings.
  • Room Lift: Room Lift operates differently than other design services. It sends you a box with floor plans, paint/wallpaper samples, fabric swatches and actual product images you can purchase online. It’s not cheap: one box with two design plans costs $695.

If you’re not the most design-savvy, these online services offer an affordable way to revamp your space, making it look professionally decorated for less.

Camryn Rabideau
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