Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: The AirThings Wave Plus

The AirThings Wave Plus monitor provides real-time air quality data to let you know of any potentially dangerous issues with the indoor air that you breathe the most.

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Know the Air You Breathe

We spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. It’s worth knowing how clean your indoor air is and what’s in it, so you can take action to improve it.

The Airthings Wave Plus monitor provides real-time air quality data to your phone with six sensors that monitor:

  • Temperature – Being able to see your home’s temperature while you’re away – particularly during the winter – can prevent a frozen plumbing pipe catastrophe.
  • Humidity – Keeping your home at optimum humidity levels wards off mold from too much humidity and susceptibility to flu, colds, and allergies from low humidity.
  • Air pressure – Knowing whether air is escaping or infiltrating, and at what rate, is important for energy efficiency.
  • Carbon Dioxide- High levels of CO2 have been correlated to headaches, restlessness, and drowsiness.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) – VOCs from common cleaning products, paints, building materials, carpeting, and many other things can linger in a home long after their use/installation. VOCs can be mildly irritating or cause cancer or damage to the central nervous system.
  • Radon – Radon is a known cause of cancer and unsafe levels must be mitigated. Also, the law requires full disclosure of unsafe Radon levels with the sale of a house.

My Wave plus showed consistent low humidity this winter which led me to inspect the humidifier on my furnace. It was clogged with hard water deposits so I cleaned it out in installed a new evaporator. My humidity levels then returned to the “green” good to go zone on the Wave plus. If an air monitor motivates the ounce of prevention needed to ensure a safe and healthy house, then it’s a smart thing worth having.


Bill Bergmann
“Bungalow” Bill Bergmann is an associate editor at Family Handyman. He’s been a licensed contractor/builder for more than 20 years. For him, there’s nothing better than taking out a few walls to make people happier in their homes.