Molecule Performance Sheet Set : Review & Buying Guide

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Molecule Sheets keep you comfortable and dry all night with their amazing temperature-regulating silky smooth fabric.

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Your bedroom should be a comfortable haven, and that starts with creating a cozy bed. As an interior designer, I prioritize comfort above all while adhering to the classic design principles of form and function. And I can confidently say, Molecule Sheets transform your bed into a sanctuary.

The easiest way to enhance your sleeping experience is to invest in a set of irresistibly luxurious sheets. I often work with clients on a budget who desire value, comfort and beauty. And if you’re like me, cheap polyester sheets have no place in the home. When I tried Molecule Sheets, I discovered a truly indulgent and cooling bedding option that doesn’t break the bank.

I typically prefer sleeping on cotton percale: There’s nothing more heavenly to me than crisp, line-dried fresh-smelling sheets. In the past, I have steered clear of purchasing sateen sheets due to previous experiences of snagging and pilling. However, everything changed when I encountered the silky smooth Molecule Performance Sheets with their luxurious sateen finish.

What are Molecule Performance Sheets?

Molecule Sheets

The Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets feature a buttery-soft texture, as they combine trademarked Tencel lyocell with long staple cotton. This unique blend ensures breathability, inhibits bacterial growth and promotes durability.

The four-piece set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases with interior flaps that securely hold your pillows. Molecule Sheets are meticulously engineered to enhance your sleep experience by providing optimal breathability and a cooling effect.

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Molecule Sheets Product Features

Tencel or lyocell fabrics outperform in terms of breathability compared to cotton alone and possess excellent moisture-wicking properties. Due to its moisture-managing capabilities, lyocell effectively controls odor and inhibits bacterial growth. Molecule conducted rigorous testing and selected Tencel as the optimal fabric for promoting restful sleep, considering both its performance and sustainability aspects. Tencel is derived from sustainable wood sources and harvested using a closed-loop process, which conserves water.

How We Tested It


I personally tested the Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets in Powder Blue on a queen-sized bed with a 14-inch deep mattress. The Molecule Sheets delivered exceptional comfort and a beautiful appearance. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed their weight, the gorgeous sheen and super-soft feel.

After washing them in cold water and line drying, some wrinkles remained, but they were less noticeable once smoothed out on the bed. The fitted sheet, with its “top” tag, made it easy to put in place. It fit perfectly on my 14-inch mattress thanks to the wide and durable elastic that kept it securely in position throughout the night. I’m a tosser and have had inferior sheets sneak up in the night, leaving me sleeping on the mattress pad.

Compared to my 100 percent organic cotton sheets, the Molecule Sheets were significantly cooler and offered a softer, smoother feel without sacrificing the crispness I enjoy. Crisp, not crunchy, scratchy or stiff, just to be clear. As a hot sleeper, I never felt damp or woke up in a puddle of sweat. 

In terms of maintenance, the sheets washed beautifully (Since my dust mop of a dog thinks the bed is hers, I wash the sheets a lot!), and subsequent trips through the dryer reduced wrinkles even further. They maintained their quality without snags or pilling, even after several weeks of use.

I eventually decided to remove the top sheet and use a down comforter with an organic cotton duvet, but the difference in softness was noticeable, with the Molecule Sheets offering a more luxurious feel. Overall, the Molecule Sheets’ subtle sheen adds an extra layer of elegance to my sleep routine and feels incredibly pleasing against the skin.


  • Breathable
  • Sustainable
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Moisture-wicking
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • 30 night sleep trial
  • Affordable


  • Limited color choices
  • Only sold in sets


What are Molecule Sheets made of?

Molecule Sheets are made from 52 percent long staple cotton and 48 percent Tencel. Long staple cotton, derived from longer fibers, contributes to a softer and more aesthetically-pleasing fabric, with the added benefit of durability. Many high-end sheet brands rely on the use of long staple cotton.

Tencel, a sustainable brand of lyocell, is derived from fibers sourced from eucalyptus trees, bamboo and other renewable non-GMO woodlots. The fast-growing nature of these sources eliminates the need for pesticides, irrigation or fertilizers that can harm the environment. Even more, Molecule Sheets are 100 percent biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle, unlike synthetic fabrics, further contributing to their eco-friendly characteristics.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Happy Molecule customer Julia S. writes, “I was initially skeptical that these sheets were not as soft or comfortable as I’d hoped. But I soon was won over: they have a crispness to them that feels refreshing and smooth. For hot sleepers they are cooler too. When I put the fresh sheets on the bed it kind of feels like I’m in a hotel! Best part is that they are more environmentally friendly than 100% cotton.”

Verified buyer Logan S. gave the sheets a five-star review, saying: “I have been searching far, wide, & long for sheets that actually allow me NOT to wake up in a puddle of my own sweat. I have spent too much sleepless time & money on so many other ‘performance sheets.’ These sheets literally changed my life by assisting me to get a cozy, cool, comfortable night’s sleep. Thank you!”

Tatyana R. is addicted, too, writing: “This is my third set. Perfect for hot flashes and hot sleepers. There’s no going back.”

Product Comparisons

Molecule Performance Sheets come in six sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, King Cal) and four neutral colors, with your choice of standard or extra deep pockets on select models. The sheets are also available in a percale version without the sheen. 

Final Verdict

Molecule Sheets

The Molecule Sheets excel at moisture-wicking, keeping me comfortably cool. The luxurious feel on my skin alone would make them worth purchasing, but the added breathability and cooling properties make them even more delightful.

While they may be pricier than the cotton sheets I typically buy from Target, the high-quality feel and outstanding performance justify the modest investment. The use of long staple cotton and the durable lyocell construction assures they’ll last a long time. The meticulous stitching and reliable elastic also exceed average standards.

One thing to note: When I hang my sheets out to dry with fragrance-free detergent, my bedroom usually fills with the refreshing scent of fresh linen. However, the Tencel fabric didn’t retain the outdoor smell as I had hoped. Regardless, I still love these sheets.

Before receiving the Molecule sheets, I was unfamiliar with Tencel, except for a few clothing items. As someone who relied on a cooling mattress pad and organic cotton sheets, I was amazed by the sheets’ ability to regulate my temperature. The engineers at Molecule truly hit the mark.

While spending more than a $100 on sheets demands quality construction, durability and a touch of luxury, Molecule Sheets deliver beyond expectations. Compared to exorbitantly priced options, these sheets provide a five-star hotel-like experience at an affordable price, making them a smart investment. Plus, you won’t need to replace them anytime soon.

Where to Buy 

Molecule Sheets

Take luxury to the next level in your private sanctuary and get the rest you deserve with these Molecule Sheets. Sorry folks, they’re sold out on Amazon, but the Performance Sheets are still available at Molecule

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