Milwaukee Pipeline Episode 1 Recap: Everything You Need to See

Milwaukee Tool brought a lot to the table in their new virtual tool showcase.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is all in on the construction trades.

That message was made abundantly clear early on in the first episode of the tool company’s virtual trade show, Milwaukee Pipeline. Serving as a virtual stand-in for Milwaukee’s traditional annual new product symposium, the first of four Pipeline episodes highlighted all the company’s upcoming product releases, with a clear focus on helping construction professionals in their day-to-day lives.

“We made the choice to focus on you, our core trades,” said Milwaukee Tool group president Steve Richman. “We challenged our teams to understand what you do from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to bed at night, on and off the jobsite.”

And carpenters aren’t the only ones Milwaukee is making tools for, either. The first episode of Pipeline included tools and equipment designed specifically for mechanics, electricians, landscapers and plumbers, with more to be revealed in the episodes due to be released over the next few months.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything of note from Episode One of Milwaukee Pipeline.

Cordless System Overview

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee started off the show with an overview of their three cordless tool battery platforms: the M12, M18 and MX Fuel.

The M12 System

Twelve new tools will be added to the M12 platform in 2020. A major theme of this episode was getting cords and compressors off jobsites. Continuing that trend, the M12 platform has three new tools specifically meant to replace their pneumatic counterparts:

The M18 System

The M18 system will gain 20 new tools in 2020, bringing the number on the platform to more than 200. This year’s notable additions include a new 1.6 gallon wet/dry vacuum, the next generation Sawzall and a completely cordless framing nailer. More information on the latter will come in a future Pipeline episode.

The MX Fuel System

MX Fuel is Milwaukee’s newest battery platform, designed to power light equipment that typically can’t run on battery power alone. Milwaukee seems pleased with the performance of this platform already, but reminded Pipeline viewers that MX Fuel is still “on the very first pitch of the first inning.” Still, they had a few new product announcements to make, unveiling a new power supply and jobsite power light set to debut on MX Fuel this year.

New Oscillating Multitool

Pipeline then began to highlight some standalone product releases set to hit shelves over the next year. The first of these was the new M18 FUEL Multitool, which joins the recently announced M12 Multitool in Milwaukee’s line of cordless oscillating multitools. Rob Robillard of Tool Box Buzz briefly joined Pipeline to highlight the features of the new M18 Multitool, drawing attention to its low vibration and power.

“They found a sweet spot between faster cutting and less vibration,” said Robilard.

More information on the M18 Multitool will be available soon.

New Jobsite Cleanup Tools

Milwaukee also showcased an entire line of new jobsite cleanup tools designed with pros in mind:

One of the ways the M18 FUEL Compact vacuum caters specifically to people in the trades is its two-stage debris separation system. The kinds of mess you have to clean up on a jobsite can be incredibly varied, from piles of dust to chunks of debris.

The two-stage debris separation system divides debris into small and large particles as it’s pulled into the vacuum so that the suction levels aren’t as impacted by clogs. It will also come equipped with a varied set of attachments including an extension wand, a powered floor tool and a crevice tool.

New Pruning Tools

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

One of the more innovative new tools shown in the first episode of Pipeline was the new M12 FUEL HATCHET, a hybrid pruning tool for landscapers. The HATCHET is a lightweight pruning saw made to fill the space between a traditional hand saw and a chainsaw. It’s got a compact, maneuverable design and it can make up to 120 cuts per charge.

The M12 FUEL HATCHET is available now for $249.00 with a battery and charger.

What’s Next?

The next episode of Milwaukee PIPELINE will be released on September 10th. Register for free here.

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