Milwaukee Takes Massive Step into Light Equipment Space with MX Fuel Platform

Milwaukee's new technology is a game changer for providing battery power to light equipment. Is it enough to convince pros to switch from gas?

Courtesy of Milwaukee

Milwaukee Tool announced today that they are bringing battery power to light equipment. The idea that equipment like cut-off saws and jackhammers could run off of battery power and perform at a level anywhere close to their traditional gas-powered counterparts would have seemed laughable as little as five years ago. Now, Milwaukee believes they’ve cracked the cordless code for light equipment with their new MX FUEL battery platform.

The MX Fuel battery system is meant to replace gasoline and AC powered light equipment on jobsites. While some pros are naturally going to be reluctant to move to a new tool platform, Milwaukee is hoping that the benefits that come with choosing battery over gasoline will help persuade them to give MX FUEL a try. Gasoline means guaranteed power and consistent results, but it also comes with its own set of problems. Battery power cuts down on emissions while also reducing the amount of noise and vibration that a tool generates during use. Using equipment that runs strictly off of batteries, and not AC power, also eliminates the potential problems caused by tripped breakers and drops in voltage.

Right out the gate at launch, Milwaukee will have six products running off of MX FUEL batteries:

  • 14″ Cut-Off Saw
  • Breaker (also known as a jackhammer)
  • Handheld Core Drill
  • Sewer Drum Machine
  • Carry-On 3600W/1800W Power Supply
  • Tower Light/Charger

The tool company also plans on continuing to develop tools for their M18 and M12 battery systems. The MX FUEL platform will be focused on powering light equipment. More information will be available soon regarding launch dates for the MX FUEL system and compatible equipment.

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