Find the Best Hole Saw: Milwaukee Big Hawg Hole Cutter Review

Milwaukee's Big Hawg Hole Cutter can do some big things.

Milwaukee Big Hawg Hole Cutter

Milwaukee’s Big Hawg Hole Cutter is something to behold because of its speed and power.

Big Hawg Hole Cutter Speed

The Big Hawg Hole Cutter is 10 times faster than hole saws, according to Milwaukee.

Big Hawg Hole Cutter Power

Milwaukee says this hole saw will do 600 holes before it needs resharpening. It’ll go through nails, wood, cement board and stucco but it won’t go through metal. It’s easy to clean out too.

Where to Buy this Milwaukee Hole Saw

Go to Amazon to pick one up today for about $35. (The arbor is sold separately) Or find it at Milwaukee Tool

Make sure to check out these tips on how to use a hole saw properly, too!

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