Merrell and Jeep Have Teamed Up for a Special-Edition Moab 3 Hiking Boot

Calling all Merrell and Jeep fans! Our favorite hiking shoe brand has collaborated with your favorite off-roading vehicle to make the ultimate outdoor boot.

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Have you ever wanted Jeep brand’s off-road capabilities in a hiking shoe? Maybe you haven’t thought about it before, but Merrell has—and the brand is revamping its iconic Moab 3 with Jeep features to bring you the ultimate hiking boot for off-trail adventures.

This isn’t Merrell’s first rodeo (and by that, I mean collaboration). Recently, Merrell collaborated with Unlikely Hikers to create stunning rainbow Moab shoes with inclusive sizing options. Basically, whenever Merrell drops a collab, we’re the first in line to see what it’s all about, and we didn’t waste any time testing out the new Moab Mids from the Merrell x Jeep collab.

The new Merrell hiking shoes are designed to mimic Jeep brand vehicles in appearance, even down to the monochromatic color schemes. The shoes are available in three limited-edition colors to match Jeep brand coat names: sting grey, sarge green and hydro blue. Here’s what you can expect from the ultimate off-roading brand collab.

What are the Merrell x Jeep Moab 3 boots?

Women's Moab 3 Mid X Jeep Courtesy Merrell

So, what makes the Moab 3 x Jeep boots special? Merrell has incorporated design elements found in Jeep 4x4s into footwear. The outsoles of the Moab 3 x Jeep have the famous Vibram TC5+ with custom molded Rubicon badging for optimal traction on any terrain, and gray accents to represent Jeep wheel trim. While the insoles feature a topographical map of Hell’s Revenge—a popular trail in Moab, Utah for off-roading—and cushion for maximum shock absorption.

The mid-height hiking boot features Merrell’s classic durability and style with upper mesh that resembles the hexagon pattern found on Jeep Wrangler grilles, and a larger heel hook to represent a seatbelt. The Jeep brand’s seven-slot grille is embossed onto the back of the rubber sole, too.

Merrell Moabs in general are my (and many outdoor enthusiasts’) go-to shoe when it comes to trekking rugged trails and taking long hikes. I grab my Moabs when I know I’m going to be on the trails for a while, and they never disappoint. I love that the Moab Mid boots have plenty of ankle support and my feet never hurt while wearing them, even after hours of moving around on rough terrain.

Even the fine details were well thought out for this collab. The red metal lace hooks on the boots represent the red tow hooks on the Wrangler Rubicon, and the metal lace hardware that holds the shoestrings in place symbolize the hatches on the Jeep 4×4 hood. If you’re a Jeep fan who loves to go off-roading, these shoes were made for you.


Product Launch

Merrell x Jeep Moab 3 Mid

Our favorite hiking shoe brand is collaborating with your favorite off-roading vehicle to make the ultimate hiking shoe.

Our Favorite Merrell x Jeep Moab 3 Boots

Women's Moab 3 Mid X JeepCourtesy Merrell

Typically, Merrell’s Moab shoes are designed with multiple colors featured in a single shoe. While we’ve seen a few all-black or all-brown editions of the Moab 3, it’s rare to find them with a monochromatic design—and that’s what we love about this collab.

Our favorites of the Moab 3 x Jeep collab are the sarge green and hydro blue. The sarge green boots are a single-color, deep forest green that’s commonly found on Wranglers. They’re the ultimate color for fall time hiking boots. The hydro blue boots mimic bold, electric Jeep paint color, and we’ve never seen Merrell do a shoe color like it.

Where to Buy Them


Product Launch

Merrell x Jeep Moab 3 Mid

The latest Merrell shoe collaboration is transforming the Moab 3.

The Moab 3 Mid x Jeep boots just dropped on Merrell’s website, and you can shop them now for $170. They’re available in men’s and women’s sizes. So, if you’re ready for the ultimate rugged off-roading boot, act fast before they’re gone!

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