Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Customize your own air freshener for the car with this simple and easy trick.

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener 2

Here’s How to Make Your Own DIY Car Air Freshener:

Tired of riding in a smelly car? Freshen it with scented candle wax and a Mason jar. Here’s how to make a DIY car air freshener:

  1. Punch holes in the lid of a Mason jar with a hammer and a large nail;
  2. Add your choice of scented wax cubes to the jar and tighten the lid back on;
  3. Place the jar in a cup holder.

When the temperature in your car rises, the wax will melt, filling your car with a lovely fragrance. Replace the wax as the scent fades. Did you know you can also make your own ice pack?

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Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

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