Make a Simple Bench Hook from Wood Scraps

Put your wood scraps to use by making this simple bench hook!

Handy Hints Simple bench hook

Make a simple bench hook

A bench hook minimizes the need for vises or clamps, allows you to make quick cuts and the more sophisticated hooks make quick miters easy. We modified our simple bench so that hooks stop fence is shorter than the platform to help prevent tear-out on your work piece.

To make this simple bench hook find a plank for the platform and determine how long you’d like it to be.

Cut the hook to the width of the platform and the fence slightly shorter than the platform. Next,  fasten them together with wood glue to opposite ends and sides of the platform as shown in the picture. This allows for the bench hook to secure to the front edge of your workbench.

You can use this bench hook with both a western saw or a Japanese saw.

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