Lowes to Launch ‘Pick Up Lockers’ in Stores Nationwide

The home center plans is streamlining in-store pickups just in time for the holiday season.

Courtesy of Lowes

Lowe’s recently announced that they are planning on installing pick-up lockers in Lowe’s stores across the country in order to provide “contactless” services to their customer. This initiative will include the installation of self-service lockers at more than 1,700 Lowe’s locations and is expected to be fully realized by the end of March 2021.

“Our No. 1 priority is making sure we are keeping things safe for our associates and customers while continuing to provide additional options to make it even easier to shop with us,” said Joe McFarland, Lowe’s executive vice president of stores.

Many major businesses and retail centers were slowed and even shut down by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. But home centers like Lowes and Home Depot have actually seen major growth throughout the pandemic, due in part to a sizable uptick in people’s interest in DIY projects during stay-at-home orders.

These high-tech pick-up lockers will allow Lowe’s customers to make a purchase online, drive to their nearest Lowe’s location, and use a scannable barcode on their phone to unlock their locker without any physical contact and pick up their purchased items.

“With more than 60 percent of online orders picked up in our stores, this gives our customers one more option and the added convenience and flexibility to control how and when they get that order,” said McFarland. “This is a significant step in our relentless efforts to create a fast and frictionless shopping experience for today’s time-pressed customers.”

Several Lowe’s locations across the east coast already have pick-up lockers installed. While March 2021 is the absolute latest date that Lowe’s expects to have pick-up lockers at ever single one of their U.S. locations, the retail company plans on having the lockers installed at most major metro markets by Thanksgiving.

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