Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review: Is this Hydroponic Plant Stand Worth the Investment?

Updated: Jun. 26, 2024

Turn a small balcony or the corner of your kitchen into a fresh, culinary garden with the help of the Lettuce Grow Farmstand. 

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If you want to start a garden but space is a concern, then the Lettuce Grow Farmstand may be the solution you’ve been searching for. This hydroponic system is low maintenance, soil-free and space-saving—harvesting fruits and veggies have never been more accessible. Plants also tend to mature quicker using a hydroponic system, which is good news if patience isn’t your best virtue. 

With most vertical planters, the biggest drawback is the constant need for water, as the small pockets tend to dry out fast in the dog days of summer. Luckily, the Lettuce Grow Farmstand is self-watering, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly filling it up.

Curious if this hydroponic garden is the right choice for you? Read on to see what we think about this sustainable gardening solution.

What is the Lettuce Grow Farmstand?

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The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a round, vertical hydroponic planter. In other words, it grows plants without soil and is fed with fertilized circulating water. The sun provides the light outdoors, but if you want to grow indoors, compatible halo lights can be added for an additional cost.

This vertical vessel has artful curves and an artistic design that works with most spaces. It reminds me of a spaceship parking structure when the halo lights are added. Not only does it have a beautiful futuristic design, but it’s also a practical space-saving way to grow your own food.

The 2-foot-by-2-foot wide footprint towers up to six feet tall and holds 36 plants. The Lettuce Grow is available in five sizes to suit almost any space’s dimensions. The smallest model holds 12 plants, while the largest can accommodate up to 36.

How does the Lettuce Grow Farmstand work?

To get your Lettuce Grow Farmstand to work, you must position it by a GFCI outlet to circulate the water properly. Adjustable timers control the lights and water system, so you’ll need to program these to suit the types of plants you intend to grow. Some users have found the set-up and assembly process tedious and time-consuming, but once it is complete, you’ll have months of fresh veggies with minimal effort.

Because the water self-circulates, the Lettuce Grow hydroponic system uses less water than traditional soil-based gardening. Hydroponic growing is a sustainable solution for those concerned about minimizing water usage. The Lettuce Grow holds 20 gallons of water, which is reused as it circulates. However, it is recommended that water levels are checked weekly. If you’re using your Lettuce Grow indoors, you must fill a watering can to supplement the depleted water.

Gardening can be a high-maintenance hobby, but luckily, the Lettuce Grow Farmstand planter alleviates the daily chores of watering and weeding. Although the system is low-maintenance, it does require a full cleaning every four months. You’ll need access to a garden hose and the space to disassemble the system.


  • Grows vegetables and herbs year-round
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • High-efficiency LED lights 
  • Low maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Space-saving vertical growth
  • Nutrients and pH testing supplies included
  • Saves water
  • Easy to use
  • Three-year warranty 


  • Expensive
  • Assembly required

We Tried It

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

This hydroponic tower allows you to grow your own fresh produce right at home, saving water and helping to reduce food waste.

What I Love About Lettuce Grow

I love that the Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a vertical, space-saving statement piece. When the plants mature, it becomes a lovely, eye-height paradise. Harvesting is super simple—no more kneeling on the ground clipping greens and fighting slugs.

Aesthetically, it’s an excellent way to add visual interest and height to your landscaping. Plus, I find it convenient to choose a prime location without digging a garden bed

Maintainance, Noise and Light

With the Lettuce Grow Farmstand, water levels only need to be maintained weekly, so going out of town for the weekend won’t be a problem. 

Be prepared to hear the pump working if you are using the Farmstand indoors. The pump runs intermittently, kicking on and off. The lights will stay on for up to 17 hours a day, so if the light bothers you, choose a room where it’s less of a distraction. However, some reviewers report that the life and light produced by Lettuce Grow keeps the winter doldrums away.



What can I grow in the Lettuce Grow Farmstand?

As the name suggests, Lettuce Grow customers report the best success with growing salad greens and herbs. Planting strong spices like mint, rosemary, lemon, thyme and marigolds will deter bugs while adding an element of color to the mix.

Growing plants hydroponically produces faster results than growing plants in soil, which means a quicker harvest. Who doesn’t love that? With proper pruning, you can expect up to four harvests on some varieties of greens. 

Indoor gardeners will find non-flowering vegetables the easiest to grow in the Lettuce Grow Farmstand. Flowering plants need bees to pollinate them, whereas lettuce and herbs will produce plants without pollination. The Lettuce Grow Farmstand can grow anything except for root vegetables like carrots, beets and potatoes. The Lettuce Grow isn’t designed to prop up unruly plants, so vining vegetables or plants that need support will be challenging.

Additionally, Lettuce Grow offers seedling packets, additional grow cups and convenient grow packs that include nutrients for future growing. The company also offers helpful assembly information and delicious recipes on its website.

Is the Lettuce Grow worth the money?

As a gardener, it kills me to pay grocery store prices for lettuce and mixed greens. The initial investment for the Lettuce Grow Farmstand may seem steep, but in the long run, you’ll save money at the grocery store and have fresh veggies any time you like.

Will lettuce regrow after cutting?

Depending on the type of lettuce, it may regrow after you cut it. Harvesting just the leaves and leaving the rest of the plant. Taking the outer leaves will help the inner leaves take in more sunlight and keep growing.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand Reviews

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand, but don’t just take my word for it! Check out these verified reviewers who are equally excited about their purchase:

Amazon customer, Yolanda Mack, says, “This is one of the best investments that I’ve ever made for me and my family. It is easy to assemble and easy to take care of. The fruits and veggies are sweet and delicious and my children love it and they’re eating more veggies and fruits. I have a family of 10 and when I say it is worth it it is worth it. I have saved so much money on produce because of this machine. I love it!”

Another Amazon Customer, says, “Worth the money. This thing works great. I’m buying a second one. We’ve had great luck. It’s inside. We use a grow light. No bugs, not dried out, great product.”

Where to Buy the Lettuce Grow Farmstand

We Tried It

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

This indoor hydroponic stand utilizes vertical space to grow more than a dozen plants without leaving a large footprint.

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a fool-proof system for easy gardening. The start-up kit includes pH testing supplies, nutrients and your choice of plants, which means you have everything you need to get your garden going ASAP.

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is available on the Lettuce Grow website and on Amazon starting around $400. Happy harvesting!