Werner Hosting Free Webinars for Ladder Safety Month

What better time to delve into ladder safety than National Ladder Safety Month?

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March 2021 marks the seventh annual National Ladder Safety Month, a U.S.-based initiative to promote the safe use and proper maintenance of ladders among industry professionals and DIYers. As part of that, the manufacturing company Werner is offering weekly webinars throughout March that will focus on topics like ladder inspection and safety while climbing.

The American Ladder Institute started National Ladder Safety Month in 2015. It’s meant to raise awareness of ladder safety procedures, create interest in ladder safety certification programs, and lower the number of ladder-related injuries and fatalities across all industries.

“Werner is deeply committed to providing solutions that keep our end-users safe and productive,” said Pat McAuliffe, vice president of engineering at Werner. “In support of that commitment, we are partnering with the American Ladder Institute by continuing our sponsorship of Ladder Safety Month.

“Over the next month, Werner product managers and safety experts will be hosting webinars and encourage participating in training modules that help professionals and home improvement consumers alike accomplish more, safely.”

The training webinars will be free with a new episode dropping every Tuesday. Here is a quick rundown of each webinar, what topics it will cover and when it will air:

Choosing Your Ladder

March 2, 3 PM Central Time

This webinar will cover important considerations to make when choosing the right ladder, such as environment, height, and duty rating.”

Safety Before the First Step (Inspection and Set-Up)

March 9, 1 PM CT

“This webinar will cover how to read important ladder labels and markings, the importance of and proper way to inspect your ladder before use, and how to set up your ladder.”

Safety While Climbing

March 16, 1 PM CT

“This webinar will cover the three points of contact rule, how to carry tools while climbing, and factors that contribute to falls.”

Safety at the Top

March 23, 1 PM CT

“This webinar will cover the three points of contact rule, ways to use product storage and supplies while on the ladder, factors that contribute to falls, and more.”

Registration for Werner’s National Ladder Safety Month webinars can be found here.

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