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Wide-Open Spaces

Whip your acreage into shape with professional-quality machines from Kubota

Having a yard that’s a wide, open expanse comes has its perks — and own set of responsibilities. With all that space and privacy comes maintenance. Fortunately, there are simple, effective solutions when it comes to caring for, and enhancing, your acreage.

Enlist intelligent design

Keeping your large yard looking good is no easy task. Design your landscape in such a way that it minimizes the amount of yard work required. You can, for example, plant shade plants beneath trees or discourage weeds by placing a deep layer of mulch around bushes, flower beds and trees. It’ll help keep weeds at bay. Meanwhile, a large, sunny space is just right for a vegetable garden.

To make it all happen, though, you need help — and we’re not talking an extra set of hands.

Kubota’s BX Series sub-compact tractor is made for taking care of your acreage.  Offering both a versatile size and the agility needed by homeowners, it also boasts the power and reliability demanded by agriculture professionals. Depending on your needs, these tractors can be configured to meet the task at hand. Thanks to an available assortment of Performance Matched Land Pride attachments, such as a box blade, quick hitch or a pallet fork, this multi-purpose and versatile tractor allows you to comfortably and efficiently tackle a variety of daily tasks, such as gardening, landscaping, and general property maintenance.

Need something larger? Kubota’s L series — the number-one-selling compact tractor brand on the market — is another durable, reliable option for yard projects. Featuring a diesel engine and Kubota DT or HST transmission, it offers a near-effortless operator station.

Woman riding Kubota’s L seriesCourtesy Kubota

Mow and mow some more

Owning acreage usually means mowing a lot of land. That, too, can be simplified, minimizing time and effort while ensuring your yard is in tip-top shape. Kubota’s Z200 mower boasts a mowing speed of up to eight miles per hour and features low-profile, wide-tread tires that provide exceptional traction and cutting performance. And its patented K-Lift mechanical one-push deck lift pedal and dial cam allow the operator to adjust to a wide range of cutting heights in quarter-inch increments for a superior, even cut on a variety of turf types.

Upping the ante, the K-Lift on Kubota’s Z400 model features a pedal and precision adjustment knob that lets you quickly, easily adjust the cutting height in 1/4″ increments without leaving your seat. Its low-profile, wide-tread tires provide excellent traction on uneven ground and its foot-activated parking brake allows for hands-free activation. Add that to the fact its steel, welded mower deck ensures outstanding, professional-grade cutting.

Whichever you choose, one thing is certain: The less time you spend cutting your large lawn means more time to enjoy it.

Kubota’s SidekickCourtesy Kubota

Create a hobby spot

Want a respite for peace and quiet? Whether it’s a woodworking studio, potting shed, or other outbuilding, consider creating a dedicated spot to do the things you love. A workhorse of a utility vehicle can help bring it to life and keep it looking its best.

Reaching a top speed of 40 mph, Kubota’s Sidekick is ready to work on the farm, around the pasture and in the woods with an availaible 48-horsepower gasoline engine and highly innovated CVT-PLUS transmission for maximum engine torque. With the strength to haul a half-ton and tow a full ton, it delivers both low-speed maneuverability and high-speed control.

Speaking of places to unwind, having a large yard also means there’s room to play. Have kids? Teens? Friendly neighbors? Think about having a playground; pool; fire pit-outfitted patio; or wildlife-friendly water feature or small pond to make socializing and downtime more fun. Spoiler alert: They’ll also limit the amount of yardwork you need to do.

Simply put, the right maintenance tools make designing and caring for your acreage more manageable. Not to mention enjoyable.

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